Doing Business with AztraGladstone

We aim to make booking our Gladstone accommodation in Queensland efficient and simple. Everything is done in advance, electronically. You always have a record.

When you arrive, there is no ‘Check-in’ procedure or paperwork to deal with, just let yourself in with the keys provided and make yourself at home.

On receiving your enquiry, we confirm the details of our offer and pro-forma invoice by email.

Please let us know when you decide to accept our offer so that we can confirm that our Gladstone accommodation is still available, send you our proper invoice and take your credit card details if you want to pay by credit card.

On receipt of your payment, or copy of your bank transfer advice, we provide entrance details and Key code by email, as well as a statement confirming your payment.

When you depart, refunds due will be advised by email with relevant credit note attached and transferred into your nominated account.

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